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Our Team

We Believe

We at SAC believe in the importance of aviation and its impact on the future of our world. We believe aviation is growing, but needs improvement, and must be driven, planned, and certified by companies with integrity, experience, and the highest professional safety standards. In an industry where failure is simply not an option, you can rest assured that we won’t cut corners or take shortcuts. If we feel a schedule is unreachable, we’ll tell you. If we believe a design is faulty, we’ll tell you. We want to earn your business and your trust, and we aim to provide the knowledge and experience you need to get your project off the ground.

35 years flight test experience, 25 years as Engineering Test Pilot, 10 years as flight test engineer

FAA Flight Test Pilot DER – CFR 14 Part 23 and Part 25

Experience in all aspects of flight testing

Experimental Test Pilot Subject Matter Expert

10 years of Flight Test Management experience

Member, Society of Experimental Test Pilots

First of model new aircraft certification

Supplemental Type Certificate certification

Major aircraft modification certification

Flight test engineer with 33 years of experience (10 military, 23 civilian)

Graduate of US Navy Test Pilot School.

FAA Flight Analyst DER and Unit Member of an ODA for both Part 23 and 25 aircraft

Specialist in aircraft handling qualities, stability and control, system calibration, and in-flight performance. Experience with all phases of flight testing from defining requirements, test planning, test execution (both airborne and telemetry), data reduction and analysis, and compliance to regulation and design/mission requirements.

Certification experience with more than 10 aircraft types, including new aircraft, significantly modified aircraft, and scores of smaller programs.

Experience with training and mentoring many junior test flight engineers. Has also developed training courses to familiarize and train new FTEs with flight test techniques and data reduction.

Flight test veteran with 36 years of experience as Flight Test Engineer, Manager of Flight Test
Engineering for a major OEM.

26 years’ experience in Functional Flight Test Management in support of development and certification of large regional turbo-props, business jets, and larger single-aisle commercial jets.

Helped with inception of a major Corporate Flight Test Center, including harmonization of critical flight test processes across three OEMs.

Is currently a Senior Engineering Advisor (SEA) for a large OEM with key involvement in flight test transformation, continuous process improvement, special projects, and new programs (prelaunch phase, technical risks, assumptions, and estimates).

Appointed as Flight Test Knowledge Owner (KO) for a major OEM. Has acquired strong Knowledge Management skills with focus on flight team readiness, applications of lessons learned, and performance in flight test program execution.

Experience with a variety of special projects, including Special Mission derivative aircraft projects and collaboration with other foreign and domestic OEMs.

Has been involved with more than 20 new aircraft/derivative Part 25 aircraft programs, supporting all aspects of flight test engineering including initial planning, safety management, and effective lessons learned.

Graduate of University of Sciences, Bordeaux I, France.

Member of Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) and the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE).

20 years experience in the aircraft engineering industry, most connected to flight testing

Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering; Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Has worked directly with many different engine manufacturers, major commercial airline OEMs, and business jet manufacturers.

Recognized expert in aircraft propulsion systems, data collection, data analysis, and project leadership.

Regional Airworthiness Director for several major OEMs

More than 10 years experience in airworthiness and certification including FAA and extensive experience in working with multiple international agencies.

Export and registration requirements expert

Supplemental Type Certificate subject matter expert with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the STC process

Thorough knowledge of certification regulations, guidance material and issue papers.

Experienced airworthiness issue resolution specialist

Experienced flight test analyst specific to telemetry and data acquisition

Especially talented in relationship building between companies and certification agencies

Guest speaker at multiple international agency seminars and meetings

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management

Master of Science in Management