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Airworthiness and Certification Management
DV/Test Certification Management
Flight Test Conduct
Flight Test Training
MMEL Support
Flight Test Documentation
Data Reduction and Analysis

Airworthiness and Certification Management

  • FAA Meeting Coordination and Support
  • Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP)
  • Issuance of 8100s and 8110s
  • FAA Conformity
  • Compliance Report
  • Certification and DER Support
  • Instrumentation Requirements Definition
  • Type Validation and Post-Type Validation

DV/Test Certification Management

  • Test Planning
  • DER Test Witnessing
  • Test Report Generation
  • Instrumentation Requirements
  • Flight Test Risk Analysis
  • Test Safety
  • Air Operation Safety
  • Structural related test/certification
  • Issuance of form 8100/8110

Flight Test Conduct

We offer the following flight test personnel, at whichever airport is most convenient to you and your project:

  • Flight crew, including DER test pilot
  • Test Directors
  • On-board Analysts
  • Instrumentation Operators
  • Ground-based Data Analysts
  • Ground Operations Coordinators

Flight Test Training

We offer training in all the flight test areas listed above as well as all areas of data reduction and analysis. Whether it’s a short half-day refresher in the basics of pitot-statics or a detailed week-long introduction to longitudinal stability, we will tailor our courses to meet your needs. We can provide training in person, online, or through written course materials.

MMEL Support

We review an aircraft, its systems, and components for any failures operators can expect during operations. We’ll work hard to determine the impacts and consequences of that failure and determine what provisions are necessary for safe, continued operations.

Our services include: 

  • Interacting directly with operators to analyze how the failure impacts operations
  • Coordinating with engineering teams to review failure analysis, determine the appropriate operating restrictions, and determine what alternate maintenance
    (M) and/or Operational (O) Procedures may be necessary
  • Developing proposed MMEL relief using the highest level of guidance published from all approving authorities
  • Coordinating with the respective authority during the development process to establish the scope of the project
  • Establishing the appropriate formal review method (Electronic or Formal meeting) that initiates the official review process
  • Maintaining a constant, open communication stream with approving authorities throughout the review process to achieve final approvals

Flight Test Documentation

We can provide documentation and assist with approvals of certain documents to include anything from data plots and spreadsheets to finished publications and compliance reports.

Our services include:

  • Airplane Flight Manuals and Flight Manual Supplement
  • Flight Crew Operating Manuals
  • Flight Test Reports
  • Agency Correspondence
  • Submittal Letters
  • Statements of Compliance
  • Temporary Operating Limitations

Data Reduction and Analysis

Aircraft Performance

  • Stall Speeds
  • Takeoff Speed Schedule (V1/VR/V2)
  • Takeoff Field Length
  • Takeoff, Final, Enroute Climb Gradients
  • Approach and Landing Speeds
  • Approach and Landing Climb Gradients
  • Landing Field Lengths

Stability and Control

  • Maneuver Speeds
  • Maneuver Margin (Initial Buffet)
  • Speed Stability
  • Static and Dynamic Stability
  • Trim


  • Flight Loads (Strain and/or Pressure Surveys)
  • Aeroelastic Damping (Flutter)
  • Vibration
  • Sonic Fatigue

Systems and Equipment

  • Engine Performance and Operating Characteristics
  • Braking Performance
  • Autopilot Performance
  • Stall Warning Systems
  • Pitot Static Certification (including RVSM)